• Faces

    окт 12, 2018

    Memory Recognition Capacity

    How many faces do you retain in your memory? If you add up your immediate and extended family, schoolmates, friends, co-workers, and celebrities that you know through movies, television and the internet, you might easily be able...

  • beer

    окт 10, 2018

    Climate Change Will Ruin Beer

    If the results of last week's chilling U.N. climate report drove you to drink recently, first of all, we're sorry. We don't like it, either!

  • Tiger

    окт 8, 2018

    Tigers and Calvin Klein's Obsession

    Officials in India are considering using Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men to lure a "man-eating" tiger to its doom.

  • Juniper-Research-Bitcoin

    окт 5, 2018

    Bitcoin Growth

    Bitcoin, which just had its first major sell-off in months, has jumped almost 10%, powering the world's largest cryptocurrency back above $6,500 after it looked likely to fall below the psychological $6,000 mark.

  • ipad_pro_2018

    окт 3, 2018

    New iPad Pro

    Here's the thing, Apple is very consistent. When the iPhone XS and XS Max were launched last month, they had the most powerful components in any iOS gadget. And that's the way it does things, prioritizing the iPhone over other products...

  • Hole3

    окт 1, 2018

    Stephen Hawking's Final Paper

    Stephen Hawking's final paper was just published by his colleagues in the journal arXiv. The team had completed the research a few days before Hawking's death in March.

  • Allbirds

    сен 28, 2018

    Allbirds With $50 Million In Funding

    Two years ago, Allbirds started with one type of shoe: a pair of superfine merino wool sneakers designed to be the most comfortable shoe on Earth. In a world where the line between formal and casual has become increasingly blurred, Allbirds'...

  • QatarAirways

    сен 26, 2018

    Qatar Airways Short Of Aircraft

    More aircraft orders and more international investments could be on the cards as Qatar Airways tries to put its toughest year behind it. But could further losses be on the way too?