Feb 24, 2016

Women's Conference «Empowerment Day» in Lisbon

Your VIP Partner was present at the Women's Conference «Empowerment Day» which took place on February, 24, in Lisbon.


10 Commandments for Successful Brand

Enrich and inspire women who create businesses, this was the purpose of the "Empowerment Day", an event organized by Women Win Win platform, which took place on Culturgest, last 24th February, in Lisbon, Portugal. Over a day, 12th national and international renowned speakers covered topics such as "Marketing in the Digital Age", "How to Create a Successful Brand", "Talent, Attitude and Entrepreneur Skills" and "Developing a Culture Customer Service".

Catarino Marcelino, secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, chaired the event which had as keynote speaker, Candace Johnson, President of the European Trade Association for Business Angels (EBAN). Although directed to a mainly female audience and mostly with women as speakers, there was place for two male performances. Conrad Llorens, Founder and CEO of SUMMA Branding, who spoke about "The 10 Commandments for Successful Brand", and Filipe Carrera, Author, Trainer and Speaker which addressed "Marketing in the Digital Age."

Based on case-studies of brands already well implemented in the market, such as Vueling, GAP, Unilever and EcoFiltro, Conrad Llorens left advice for creating a successful brand: strategic focus, knowing where the company wants to go is very important to know the walk to do; graphical and homogeneous consistency; leadership; commitment and dedication of the entire organization; experience; alignment values, a successful brand must know inspire and empower other businesses; social and ecological role, never forget that the brands belong to the people; content, what interests each user is to find information, inspiration and entertainment who conceived the pages you clicked; choose the right tools to promote the brand; and finally, measurement results, analyse the impact of initiatives and actions done with the audience. In short, "a brand is defined by what it does, not by what it says," underlined Llorens. Already Filipe Carrera, spoke about the importance of Online Reputation Management and Content Marketing, warned about the growing importance of video as a company presentation tool, and the development of marketing plans taking into account the segmentation in psychographic terms, using Facebook as an example, this is, interests instead of age.

Followed by the "Women Entrepreneur Talks (WE Talks)," one of the most inspiring moments of the day, as well as a roundtable on "Talent, Attitude and Entrepreneur Skills" in order to give impetus to entrepreneurship, meeting their expectations and concerns.

Women Win Win is an Association for the development of human capital and entrepreneurship of women, founded and chaired in 2013 by Maria Jose Amich, who founded the online community womenwinwin.com-connecting women & business. Degree in Economics from the University of Genève (Switzerland), and Master in Business Administration from IESE Business School (Barcelona, ​​Spain), this successful businesswoman born in Barcelona, ​​residing in Portugal, is still Managing Director of SUMMA Branding in Portugal, and Founding Partner of the European Professional Women Network Lisbon.