Aug 21, 2017

Watch Foo Fighters team up with Rick Astley to form the most unlikely supergroup in rock'n'roll history

When Rick Astley released Never Gonna Give You Up in 1987, it's unlikely that he would've ever imagined performing everyone's favourite guilty pleasure song 30 years later with possibly the biggest rock band in the world.


But the Lancashire-born singer is still riding high on the wave of success three decades on, and it seems that he's even being courted by recent Glastonbury headliners Foo Fighters.

The Dave Grohl-led band invited Astley up on stage during their set at Summer Sonic festival in Tokyo last night (August 20), with the two acts coincidentally playing on the same day.

Introduced by Grohl as 'our new best friend' (although he admitted that they'd only met for the first time two minutes previously), Astley clearly relished being up on the big stage with the Foos as he inexplicably screamed 'COME ON, YOU MOTHER****ERS' as a means of greeting the cheering crowd.

Leading his new band in a rendition of Never Gonna Give Up – which, instrumentally, sounded ever so slightly like Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit – Astley prowled the stage, spitting and snarling in true rockstar fashion.

Well, not really. But he did unnecessarily swear for a second time later in the performance, shouting 'I'M FEELING ****ING MARVELOUS' in a blaze of triumphant, in-the-moment glory.

Watch here the seismic supergroup's take on Never Gonna Give You Up below, and make sure you embrace the spirit of Rick Astley living out his rock'n'roll dreams in four glorious minutes in your day today.

Last year, the seeds of last night's cover were sown after Astley covered the Foos track Everlong – and, much like the above performance, it was actually… alright?

Long live Rick.


by Sam Moore