июл 2, 2019

Want to know more about Artificial Intelligence? Microsoft's AI School has free courses

The online platform has a series of courses for those who are starting on the topic but also with more advanced content and the perspective is technical but also business, showing where the IA can add value.


The AI ​​School website gives you access to information, training materials and other resources that allow you to better understand Artificial Intelligence and how it can be integrated into company solutions, and is prepared for different levels of knowledge of the subject.

Several components have been added on the platform, and can find an area of ​​conversational Artificial Intelligence, AI services, Machine Learning, standalone systems and also a responsible AI component.

For non-technical areas, which need to realize the advantages of technology in the business, AI Business School was created. The idea is to help executives define a strategy for integrating Artificial Intelligence into their solutions, but also to address issues of responsibility and ethics.

You can also browse through the menu of available courses and choose which one you are interested in, all of which have an indication of the level of training and the duration of each module.