сен 27, 2019

There is a digital health atlas that wants to improve the global coordination of projects

One of the tools provided by the site is a map through which you can see which projects are being developed worldwide linked to this area.


Strengthen the value and impact of investments in digital health, improve coordination between the different institutions involved and facilitate their institutionalization worldwide. These are the objectives of the Atlas of Digital Health, an open source platform supervised by the World Health Organization.

Designed to support institutions such as governments and technology professionals, the platform provides users with the information they need to improve their planning in this area, coordination and use of technology in health.

On the other hand, the site supports the evaluation of the digital health projects presented and the obtaining of global resources on current best practices in this area.

And how? One way is through a map, where the platform indicates which digital health projects are being developed in each country. This way the coordination between startups or companies ends up being easier.

To take advantage of the tools that Atlas da Saúde Digital offers you will have to register on the platform. The invitation is made to investors and professionals in the area of technologies.