июл 19, 2019

"The Lion King " roared for the first time 25 years ago and returns to the cinema with new life today

It all began in 1988, even before the premiere of the film "The Little Mermaid" and "The Beauty and the Beast", whose overwhelming success would kick off the new Golden Age of American animated cinema. The idea of making a film in Africa arose during the promotion in Europe of "Oliver and his companions", whose director George Scribner would be responsible for the project.


The first version of the argument was titled "King of the Calahari", changing later with the arrival of other screenwriters, for "King of the Beasts", among others. At this point, the confrontation was made between lions and baboon, with Simba as a lazy lion and Scar as the leader of the baboon who wants Simba never to be king.

The idea was to make a documentary film, for example, the film "Bambi" or the documentaries of "National Geaografic", but did not work, which led to a delay and the development of it lasted without definite destination.

Thus, Roger Allers, the main screenwriter of the film "Beauty and the Beast", joined Scribner as director, and the latter eventually left the project when he decided to change course and make the film a musical, being replaced by Rob Minkoff. This team joined as producer Don Hahn, who was an associate producer of the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Together with other producers, screenwriters, among others, the team completely redefined the argument for its final form: the theme was Simba leaving childhood behind and assuming the responsibilities of adulthood, Scar had become his uncle, the title Would change to "The Lion King" and the inspiration to come directly from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

In June 1994 "The Lion King" arrived in the cinemas, where it became a great success, being not only because it is a cartoon, but also, because it is the second biggest ticket success ever, after the film "Jurassic Park", premiered a year earlier. At the ticket offices they billed more than 750 million dollars, only in merchandising, among other things.

"The Lion King" then became one of the jewels of the Disney crown, with two sequels released directly in video, two television series (one of them focused on Timon and Pumbaa), a replacement in IMAX and a new return to the cinemas in 2011 with a conversion to the new three-dimensional format.

Now, 25 years after the premiere, "The Lion King" is back in the cinemas, but in photo-realistic animation, in a film directed by Jon Favreau, who had already achieved very good results with the movie "The Book of the Jungle"