авг 16, 2019

Thalassotherapy: a sea of benefits

Seawater has numerous health benefits. Get to know them.


A source of vital elements, seawater contains 92 of the 120 known trace elements, such as magnesium, iodine, lithium, zinc, copper or calcium. It has therefore been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years and is the basis of so-called thalassotherapy, which combines the benefits of water with those of mud and algae.

There's nothing better than a walk by the sea to restore balance, combat stress and gain new life. And the respiratory system is also one of the ones that has most to gain.

He knew that the waves hit the coast and the action of the sea winds create clouds of tiny particles of sea water that act like real aerosols. Take advantage of this phenomenon and when you're near the sea breathe slowly, taking deep breaths.

Another way to enjoy the benefits of seawater is through the treatments available in thermal resorts or spa's that, under medical supervision, do wonders to respiratory diseases such as sinusitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergies.

And even at home you can gain from the properties of seawater, especially at this time of year when the nose tends to clog. Just resort to the solutions available on the market, which help to decongest the nasal cavities, making the mucus more fluid and favoring the airways.

Whether on the beach or in the spa, seawater also favours relaxation, being a powerful aid against depression, insomnia, fatigue and physical weakness. To this benefit is added the analgesic effect, with greater incidence in chronic or acute pain in the spine and extremities.

The skin also benefits from a thalassotherapy session or a trip to the beach, particularly in case of psoriasis, lupus and acne, due to the disinfectant effect of sea water.

The minerals contained in seawater, including iodine, stimulate the thyroid, thus helping to regulate the metabolism and having a beneficial effect on blood circulation.