Aug 12, 2019

Taste eggplant caviar from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Emblematic Jules Verne restaurant reopens to the public.

After a major refurbishment and a change of chef, the restaurant located at 125 meters high, in the Eiffel Tower, reopened this Saturday.


"We destroyed everything, demolished everything and rebuilt everything!". The famous chef Frédéric Anton, with three Michelin stars, set out to transform the restaurant of the Eiffel Tower, Jules Verne, into a gastronomic space at the height of the monument. The 54-year-old chef succeeds the famous chef Alain Ducasse, after a media war between chefs.

Ducasse has the world record for Michelin stars and has already hosted Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron and their wives at Jules Verne for dinner in 2017. He lost the restaurant concession last year. Since then, he hasn't stopped criticizing his successor, who, according to Ducasse, is not up to his standards.

But Frédéric Anton prefers to ignore the criticism. The only thing that worries him is to impose his style on Jules Verne and get Michelin stars, as he did with another restaurant, Pré Catelan, awarded three stars by the famous gastronomic guide. Unlike Ducasse, which was no longer in the kitchen, Anton will be physically present, coming and going between his two establishments.

Anton admires being "fascinated" by being able to admire the whole of Paris in the new restaurant, which has a private elevator. "I come once or twice a day. I want to make the most of it," he told AFP.

Cauliflower with caviar, truffled prawns

"I'm in no hurry to have 50 restaurants in the world," Anton declared in a veiled attack on his predecessor.

"We want to write a new story on a totally blank sheet of paper," said Franck Chanevas, executive director of Sodexo Sports & Loisirs in France and Spain, who won the luxury restaurant concession.