Aug 20, 2019

SpaceX's roadster has already made its first orbit around the sun

The famous Starman, behind the wheel of the Tesla Roadster, was launched into space at the Falcon Heavy in February last year but will only approach Earth in 2020.



In February 2018, the Falcon Heavy made history by becoming one of the most powerful rockets to reach space, and as soon as the inaugural flight was possible to recover its lateral thrusters, which landed safely. This opened an important chapter for SpaceX with regard to space exploration. On board the Falcon Heavy followed the famous Starman, the mannequin behind the wheel of the Tesla Roadster, with the aim of placing it in a heliocentric orbit around the Sun, where it would regularly approach Mars.

Year and a half after its flight, the vehicle has already completed its first orbit around the Sun. According to the website Where is Roadster, which follows in real time its journey, the Roadster has already made 762 million miles since it started.

Regarding its approach to Earth, it is only expected to arrive on November 5, 2020, at a distance of 32.2 million miles (52 million kilometers). Before that, it will still approach first Mars, on October 7 next year, about 4.5 million miles (7.2 million kilometers) from the red planet. After this visit, it will take almost 30 years for the Starman to get back close to Earth in 2047.