Sep 9, 2019

Serralves receives Olafur Eliasson

A Danish-Icelandic artist, one of the world's most renowned, he proposes sensory experiences and reflections on climate and nature.


The exhibition O V/Nosso Futuro é Agora, by Olafur Eliasson, was inaugurated this Thursday, at the Serralves Museum, and can be seen until 14 June next year. The exhibition includes 11 works by the dimarque-Icelandic artist known for his large-scale installations that propose sensory experiences and combine nature and artificiality, technology and ecology.

At the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern in London, for example, in 2003 Eliasson presented a gigantic lighting installation simulating the Sun in a space also invaded by fog-like steam. In the same institution, he signed a wall covered with a characteristic lichen from the Nordic countries - a work to see, smell and touch, as the surface is soft and spongy. Another of his emblematic works is Waterfalls, an artificial waterfall installed under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, and which has undergone a new version in Versailles.

In Porto, visitors can walk through a miniature forest, enter a metallic structure that simulates a vortex or contemplate trunks dragged by sea currents from Siberia to the shores of Iceland, from where they were brought, and subtly intervened by the artist. The allusion to ongoing climate change is obvious, but Eliasson continues to describe himself as "a prisoner of hope".