май 29, 2018

Sea Fair 2018 in Sines

When the hot days settle and the bathing season stops being a mirage, the desire to be near the sea increases. We are fortunate, our country, to have you near at almost all latitudes


But although there are no excuses to spend a day at the seashore, the organization of a multi-valued event, capable of appealing to different types of public, is always a good reason to return to Sines. The proposal is called the Feira do Mar 2018 and, as the name implies, is an initiative - carried out jointly by Sines Tecnopolo and the Municipal Council of Sines - that aims to divulge the most relevant aspects of the so-called Sea Economy. its third edition.

On June 15, 16 and 17, there are no good reasons to go to Sines. The opportunity to visit the lighthouse or the Sines, to do a baptism of paddle or diving, to practice zumba or yoga on the beach, to observe animals, seaweed and sculptures by the sea.

In another perspective - equally playful - on Vasco da Gama Avenue, a show will be held with the presence of the main players (companies, entities, private) connected to the Economy of the Sea, with special emphasis on regional gastronomic products, some of which presented at times of showcooking sponsored by Docapesca.

On a more academic side, it is worth mentioning the holding, on June 15, of a conference entitled "Innovate and Create to Start in the Economy of the Sea", which will address fundamental themes of the sector by a group of experienced speakers in the area and the Platicemar project competition will be launched.

Participate in the 2018 Sea Fair - whether for leisure, business or merely social reasons - and revisit the city of Sines. An interesting and rich program for the weekend before the arrival of summer.

Program and activities planned: www.feiradomar.org