сен 6, 2019

Scientists who unveiled the first image of the black hole receive $ 3 million prize

According to the research coordinator, scientists are working to release the first video containing images of the black hole next year.


Scientists who captured the first image of the black hole in April this year will receive a prize worth 3 million dollars (approximately 2.72 million euros). Known for being a kind of "Oscar of science", The Breakthrough is an award given to the scientist, or group of scientists, which stands out in areas such as life sciences, physics and mathematics.

The value will be divided by the 347 scientists who worked on this project and according to Shep Doeleman, the scientist who headed the operations of the project, this image represents a historic milestone for understanding the universe.

Doeleman told AFP that "he predicts that by the end of the next decade it will be possible to obtain high definition videos in real time of the black hole, revealing how they are and behave. He also said that "the team is already working on the processing of information that will allow the first video of a black hole" - even if the quality is not the best - which could be ready next year.

It should be remembered that this was a milestone also because the algorithm that enabled the image of the black hole to be deciphered was conceived by Katie Bouman, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who will forever be known as one of the outstanding female figures in contemporary science.