июл 29, 2019

Sandra Bullock: Learn more about one of Hollywood's adored actresses

Sandra Bullock celebrated 55 years on July 26th


Sandra Bullock has been an actress for over thirty years, is one of the most beloved of Hollywood, friendly and entertaining, the American seems to be genuine. Maybe it's the way of being and the lifestyle that makes it extremely easy to like Bullock.

It is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, adding participations in great films, as ' Speed-high speed Hazard ' (1994), ' Miss Detective ' (2000), ' Gravity ' (2013) and ' A Possible Dream ' (2009).

However, the actress is not only known due to the charismatic humor, the beauty and the talent in the representation. Sandra Bullock is also a true star in charitable actions, having received several prizes due to her philanthropic work.