Sep 12, 2018

Samsung Suddenly 'Confirms' Radical Galaxy S10 Smartphones

While Samsung's potentially game-changing new smartphone faces mounting problems, for the Galaxy S10 it's smooth sailing.


In fact, so much so, it seems this is one slimmer, 'ultrasonic' in-display readerpacking, triple rear camera shooting, multicolored, 5G smartphone which Samsung couldn't stop itself from suddenly confirming.

Picked up by the ever vigilant SamMobile, Samsung has quietly (but officially) confirmed three new models of Galaxy S10 after formally certifying the phones with China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT). That said, it appears one model is missing.

The models Samsung certified are the 'SM-G9700', 'SM-G9730' and 'SM-G9750' and they were submitted to the CMIIT on September.

Breaking down the models, you'll notice they have an extra number on the end which is geographic and denotes China. That aside, leaks tell us these are the all-new flat screen single camera budget Galaxy S10, the regular 5.8-inch dual camera Galaxy S10 and the massive 6.44-inch triple camera Galaxy S10+.

What is missing is the flagship 5G Galaxy S10+, which is the only model to support the next generation cellular network. But don't panic.

The 5G Galaxy S10+ is expected to be a limited edition release and there's a chance this model is simply launching later than the other three.

5G is a big deal for Samsung as it gives the company a clear differentiator to iPhones. Apple's legal battles with Qualcomm have restricted iPhones to Intel modems (and therefore 4G) for the foreseeable future and both Samsung and Qualcomm have 5G-ready modems now.

Consequently, the Galaxy S10 already has a lot going for it and if Samsung can address its ongoing Galaxy F delays then 2019 and the 10th-anniversary celebrations it brings for the Galaxy range could signal the company's biggest year yet…