Nov 28, 2018

Samsung Leak Reveals New Galaxy S10

Samsung is planning a number of handsets in the Galaxy S10 family, from an entry-level device, through the workhorse standard models, to a high-end flagship model that will pack in the hardware. It now looks like this top model will feature some killer specifications when it is released.


Reported by GF Securities in China (via ITHome), one model of the Galaxy S10 will feature an eye-watering 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. Given what we know of the S10 portfolio, it's fair to say that this is likely to be the high-end Galaxy S10 Plus.

While the current Galaxy S9 and Note 9 handsets are advertised as able to work with 1TB of storage, this is through the use of a 512GB memory card in addition to 512GB of storage on the device. The increased storage is certainly a selling point, but it may come in useful for those who will make best of the increased photo and video capabilities offered by the five lenses (three rear facing and two forward facing).

Leapfrogging the now standard 8GB of RAM for flagship handsets, carrying 12GB of memory will contribute to a smoother experience, both in the UI and transitions, but also in various applications, keeping apps suspended in the background, and general performance levels.

The question now is if every Galaxy S10 Plus will ship with this configuration around the world, or if it will be a regional- or carrier-limited exclusive. More details are coming out around Samsung's family of Galaxy S10 devices. With the attention is now on the S10 Plus the latest information give us the clearest idea yet of the upcoming South Korean flagship.

The S10 Plus is the third of four handsets, lying just behind the powerful Galaxy S10 Ultra (which is expected to be the 'specs monster' with multiple cameras and potentially 5G connectivity), just ahead of the standard Galaxy S10, and well ahead of the entry-level S10 model. The Plus likely denotes a larger screen size (much as it does with the S9 and S9 Plus).

The latest leaked details confirm the 6.4 inch screen, a 1440x3040 resolution display, and up to five cameras (two selfie cameras and three on the read). We also have the dimensions of the handset, according to reports at SamMobile:

"The Galaxy S10+ dimensions are said to be 157.5 x 75.0 x 7.8mm compared to 157.7 x 73.8 x 8.5mm of the Galaxy S9+. Some reports suggest that Samsung will ship its new Infinity-O display with all models of the Galaxy S10. The Infinity-O display has a hole in the active display area for the front camera. It's a way of ditching the notch in this seemingly neverending race to stretch the display as much as possible. Since the Galaxy S10+ is expected to have a dual front camera, it would obviously have a larger hole in the display. The other two variants may only have a single front camera so they will require a smaller hole."

All of these details back up the notion that the Galaxy S10 Plus, the 'large' version of the standard S10 handset is going to feel physically close to the Galaxy Note 9. It may not come with an embedded holder for the S-Pen, but I'm intrigued to know if the BlueTooth enabled stylus will work with the S10 Plus (or any of the S10 handsets).