Jul 25, 2019

Plants that like heat

Portugal is a country of Mediterranean climate. Many species of Mediterranean and African origin tolerate dry soils and very hot without receiving water during the summer periods. Learn about the botanical varieties that support the Portuguese summer well.


Geranium is one of the botanical species that react well to high temperatures.

The lavender, with its characteristic aroma, also enters this list.

With its intense colors, Bougainvillea Glabra in scientific designation, is another of the resistant plants in which it is worth betting.

Flowers like Gazânia, in scientific terms Gazania Rigen, also has a good resistance.

The rosemary, which fills the garden with color, is another of the botanical species to which it can appeal.

The Encheveria glauca is one of the succulent plants that experts recommend to places of Mediterranean temperatures.

Sedum Sieboldii is a succulent plant that adapts well to the Portuguese summer.

The Chaga, is a creeper that fits the temperatures that are felt in the national territory.

Although they resist the summer, petunias are sensitive plants, and therefore it is advisable to cover with plastics those that are more wilted.