Aug 5, 2019

On 2020 the Apple iPhone will have a new and "revolutionary" ToF camera

In 2020 we will have the "revolution" 5G on iPhones, in addition to the implementation of new ToF chambers.


The Apple iPhone 12 generation should debut in September 2020

In addition, a ToF sensor can be used to mediate and assist the implementation of augmented Reality (RA) as well as its applications. In the pure photographic aspect, a sensor of this type provides additional data on depth of field. In this way, it also streamlining the autofocus process.

In contrast to the implementation of support for 5G networks on all three iOS smartphones for 2020, the ToF sensor should only be present in two of the models. That is, we will have an asset for the possible Apple iPhone 12 and Apple iPhone 12 Max, not for the eventual successor of the iPhone XR.

In the same sense they also point out previous reports from Bloomberg. In this case suggesting a VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) system. In practice, we have a system like TrueDepth currently used on the front of iOS smartphones, also mediating 3D facial recognition, or Face ID.

The implementation of new ToF chambers

Already in comparison way, the current TrueDepth module is effective at distances between 25 to 50 centimeters. In turn, ToF Chambers already operate normally up to about 4.6 meters away. So, we see here a new range of possibilities to open up. Something that can be applied to the portrait as well as to the RA.

We take the opportunity to recall the already professed interest of Tim Cook in the RA area.

Incidentally, a self-interest that has fomented the rumors surrounding the Apple Glasses in the course of the last few years. That being so, it is not at all impossible to see in 2020 1 reinforce the capabilities of RA on top iOS smartphones.

Therefore, we have already pointed to 2020 1 improvement in photographs and portraits captured by the top Apple iPhone. Something that will be possible thanks to the extra information provided by the ToF camera. Incidentally, for practical purposes and current comparison just see what the Huawei P30 Pro does with this same sensor/ToF camera.