Jun 20, 2017

Nokia Debuts New BMI Scale And Blood Pressure Monitor

Nokia today launched a new line of digital health products including a Wi-Fi connected BMI (body mass index) scale called Nokia Body, and a new compact blood pressure monitor named Nokia BPM+.


The latter has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and bears the medical CE label for the European market. The company's health oriented product lineup is now available for purchase through the firm's online store as well as partner retailers around the globe, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Additional retailers will offer Nokia's health-oriented product lineup soon, the company said, specifically naming Target, Babies"R"Us, CVS, and Apple as its retail partners.

The Nokia Body BMI Wi-Fi connected scale takes advantage of Position Control technology for high accuracy measurements and offers smart weight management as well as personalized coaching through the updated Nokia Health Mate application.

The scale benefits from automatic Wi-Fi synchronization allowing it to recognize up to eight different users, and is also capable of nutrition tracking through My FitnessPal. Users can access the Weight Trend Screen to visualize progress during each weigh-in, and the BMI Insights service gives access to data analysis and BMI trends over time. The Nokia Body is available in black and white for the price of $59.95 or €59.95 and can be acquired by following the link below.

Next in line is the Nokia BPM+, described by the company as a new, compact, and more comfortable blood pressure monitor. The Nokia BPM+ is capable of measuring the user's heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and provides immediate color-coded feedback, as well as personalized reminders. It can also save and share data with your doctor, the firm said.

The monitor takes advantage of automatic inflation and controlled release, it can connect via Bluetooth to smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher and iOS 8 or above, and is powered by four 1.5V AAA batteries included in the box.

The product is 165 x 60 x 60mm in size and weighs 344 grams (0.758 pounds). The Nokia BPM+ is available for purchase through the company's health-dedicated website as well as via Best Buy for the price of €129.95 / $129.95 and will soon be coming to Amazon where its predecessor is already on sale.

The company also updated the Nokia Health Mate application to include five new programs, tools for progress tracking, and additional feature meant to improve its overall user experience.

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By Mihai Matei