янв 13, 2017

Nintendo Switch: Console released 3 March – with new Mario game on the way

Italian plumber to leave the Mushroom Kingdom and go on an Odyssey, reveals company


Nintendo will release its new all-in-one Switch console on 3 March – and there are a host of launch titles and gaming accessories on the way, too. UK gamers can expect to pay £279.99 for the device, which will be boxed with a set of grey or blue and red Joy-Con controllers, a pair of Joy-Con wrist straps and a television dock. The price positions the Switch above Microsoft and Sony rivals, with the base-model Xbox One S priced at £219 and the PlayStation 4 Slim costing around £218 on Amazon.
Nintendo also confirmed its range of accessories, including coloured variants of the Joy-Con controllers and an Xbox-style pro controller featuring a more traditional button layout. The highly anticipated Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be available at launch and the Wii U-ported Mario Kart 8: Deluxe and Splatoon 2 launches between the spring and summer.
There is also a new title - Super Mario: Odyssey, which takes players outside the iconic Mushroom Kingdom into an open-world similar to real life. Locations range from a New York-style city to a colourful cell-shaded forest. Switch pre-orders are open and can be found at Game for £279.99. Orders are limited to one per customer and should reach buyers by 3 March. Odyssey will be exclusive to the console and is expected to go on sale before Christmas.