Dec 2, 2016

Nikola Motors reveals its 1,200-mile hydrogen fuel cell truck

American firm promises $1 billion manufacturing plant and a network of 364 zero emission fuel stations, with first trucks delivered in 2020


The Nikola One – a hydrogen fuel cell truck its makers believe will revolutionise the trucking industry with eye-catching range and power – has been revealed at a special launch event in Utah.

It uses a fuel cell producing 200kW energy for the 320kWh battery pack, and Nikola claims it has 1,000bhp and 2,711Nm of torque. The large hydrogen tanks mean a claimed range of 800 – 1,200 miles depending on specification, and should the fuel cell fail it can travel over 100 miles on the batteries alone. Regenerative braking and the truck's reliatively light weight means it has almost double the stopping power of a regular semi truck. 
The unique powertrain means that the Nikola One benefits from a much lower centre of gravity than a regular truck, as well as a more spacious cab with greater visibility. Inside, there's clearly been inspiration from Tesla, as the One has a huge, 15-inch portrait-style touchscreen to control most of its features. Sleeper amenities will include one or teo full size beds, 4K televisions, on-board 4G Wi-Fi plus a full size fridge and freezer.

Tom Wiltshire