Jun 30, 2019

NASA will launch two new missions to study the effects of the sun in space

The new projects are called PUNCH and TRACER and according to the American space Agency will be active at the latest in August 2022.


The American space agency has selected two new missions that aim to develop the understanding of the effects of the sun and its dynamics in space. Although solar winds do not pose a threat to Earth's inhabitants, they may pose a danger to astronauts and spaceships.

The first mission, with the name Polarometer to unify the crown and the heliosphere (PUNCH), will consist of four satellites in the form of a suitcase that tracks the winds released by the Sun. The second is called TRACERS (Tandem Reconnection and Cusp Electrodynamics Reconnaissance Satellites) and will use two space vehicles to study how the magnetic fields around the earth interact with the central star of our planetary system.

 "We carefully chose these two missions not only because of the high-level science they can do for themselves, but also because they will work well together with the other Heliophysical ships, developing NASA's mission to protect astronauts, Space technology and life on earth , "says Thomas Zurbuchen, administrator of NASA's Scientific missions Directorate.

According to the NASA press release, the launch for the PUNCH and TRACERS missions will happen at the latest in August 2022.