Sep 24, 2019

Mystery couple organizes new edition of Brunchvilla and gives us brinner

After opening their brunch fair in Lisbon in 2018, more precisely in Marvila, Casal Mistério heads north this October and promises an identical party in Porto on 12 and 13 October. For now, there's something new, the introduction of the brinner.


The second edition of BrunchVilla will arrive this 2019 with pronunciation from the north of the country. The most mysterious duo in the national blogosphere, who have been touring restaurants and national and international recipes for several years, announced the dates and the city for a party that will be held in the same venue (not yet revealed), "from the most traditional menus to the bolder ones, with classic, healthy and attentive suggestions to different food trends", we read in a statement.

On 12 and 13 October, in Porto, the presence of different brunch concepts, in this case served by Invicta houses, is spectacular, as it happened in Lisbon, in November last year.

A choice, from Porto, justified by the Mystery Couple: "Not only because there are wonderful restaurants and corners in the city, which leave us delighted with every visit we make, but also because there are some of our most beloved readers who permanently send us messages asking us to take BrunchVilla to the city".

We are sure that the Mystery Couple concept will be extended to the brinner (Breakfast for Dinner), i.e. having breakfast at dinner time. How do you translate this into a dish? With light meals, based on eggs, pancakes, cheeses, bowls, fruits or other options.

As for the price, the BrunchVilla Porto version will have menus at 12.00 euros and several extras to complement the meal.