июн 23, 2017


Took place on 22 June 2017, at the headquarters of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and industry, a business lunch with the participation of the English Lloyds Bank C.E.O., Dr. António Horta Osório, in which this reknown manager provided an analysis of the economic situation in Portugal and its relation towards the other members of the European Union.


Given the importance of the event, Your VIP Partner, made sure of its representation by its C.E.O. Dr. Natallia Catarina, its vice-president Dr. Manuel Serrão and its general manager Dr. Jorge Morgado.

In addition to the presentation of relevant economic statistical data, the banker also mentioned the important efforts that Portugal has been developing on the external debt reduction and structural reforms which, in his view, need to be put in place so that the country can grow with sustainability and soundness.

He even put a very important focus in the development of intelligent immigration policies, to promote the reception of immigrants with different skills, for the most needed areas of the country. He pointed examples like Singapore, Canada and Australia who saw their population double in 20 years and their economies grow at very competitive rhythms and above world averages.

He recalled further that Portugal is the third largest country in Europe in terms of equity ratio (after Greece and Italy) and also private debt as an impediment to the growth of the banking sector.

At the end of his speech he even mentioned the importance of carrying out reforms in the educational system, in the productive investment and the need to reduce excessive rents in the energy sector.