сен 11, 2019

Learn to distinguish the different types of suit

Italian, American and English, are three types of cut well present in men's suits, but can you distinguish them?


A good suit requires a lot of skill and although they may all look the same, the truth is that it is not quite so. The cut is one of the factors that most differentiate it and, therefore, we highlight the three most used cuts in the male world in order to be able to perceive their differences.

English Cut

Very traditional, the cut of this suit is for men who do not dispense with formality. The blazer comes with the triangle and pointed lapels, while the pockets with flaps make it more conservative. He is:

- Belted;

- With thin lapels;

- It has two back slots.

Italian Cutting

With a more daring air, the Italian cut is on the shoulders. The waist becomes thinner and the pants straighter. The blazer's pockets have no flaps and the lapel is usually wider, to match the ties. It is:

- Belted;

- Right on the chest;

- It has structure on the shoulders;

- He has wide lapels;

- Pockets without flaps.

American Cut

With characteristics of the two previous courts, the Italian and the English, the American appears with a touch of boldness and also of conservatism. It usually looks good on any type of body and this makes it a versatile model and without great rules, since it can have different models of lapels and also of pockets. He is:

- Lightly strapped;

- It has only one slit;

- Straight model;

- It has two types of lapel and pockets.