Sep 19, 2019

Is your flight late? Learn how to enjoy your time at the airport

Spending endless hours at an airport waiting for a flight can be desperate. Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your time


It is true that an airport is the place for much desired reunions and for trips that can change a life. But it is also the place where passengers are sometimes forced to spend long hours waiting for a delayed flight.

"Making time" is an art for those who usually have to deal with endless waits. Once the most obvious solutions are exhausted it becomes very difficult to speed up the clock.

Skycop, a company that defends the interests of air passengers, suggests some tips that can make a difference.


Exploring the space of an airport can be fun. Especially in cases where there is equipment such as game consoles, playgrounds and exhibitions. There are airports that have invested in wave pools, casinos, aquariums with dozens of marine species, movies and soccer fields, basketball and ice skating.


Sitting in front of a window and watching the planes and all the activity that happens on the "airside" can be interesting to get to know in more detail the backstage of an airport. Another rewarding option is to relax with a massage or spend a few minutes in the gym.


If you are at an airport in a country outside Europe and still keep foreign currency with you, you can put that money into products that are on sale at the airport shops. Choosing a last-minute gift for someone special will help you spend time.


Take advantage of the airport's free wi-fi to plan details of your trip or to publish and organize the best photos of your vacation. If the reason for your trip is professional, you can take the time to respond to more urgent emails or simply read an article, book or watch a series online. It's time well spent.


Organizing your wallet can take long minutes of hard and rewarding work. Throw away unnecessary vouchers, reposition bank cards in the slots, clean the bottom of compartments in the suitcase that had not been opened for months. You can take advantage of the packaging and 'clean' your mobile phone by organising the multimedia files to free up more space.

Make the most of your time to explore the Skycop website and understand how it can be compensated in cases of delayed, cancelled or overbooking flights.


Hamad airport in Qatar is equipped with a 25 metre long heated swimming pool.


VIP lounges are of exclusive access.

Not always. In some airports it is possible to attend these spaces after paying a fee.


55 million passengers passed through Portuguese airports in 2018, according to ANA.