Sep 4, 2019

In Ireland, serene creatures are born from avocado kernels...

In 2014, Irish Jan Campbell discovered the woody nature of avocado seeds as a raw material for her small creatures inspired by Celtic folklore. Today, Jan succeeds in the world of crafts and sells the pieces to different countries.


What for many of us is nothing more than food waste, like the stone (actually the seed) of avocado, Irish artist Jan Campbell sees a way to express her art.

In 2014, the creator started a series of works inspired by Celtic folklore, more specifically with deities associated with the mythology of Northern Europe. As the basis for his sculpture, Jan used the waste of an exotic fruit, the avocado, which holds a woody seed, rich in fiber.

From this base, Campbell has sculpted hundreds of small figures using tools suitable for small carving works. The fibrous nature of the avocado stone allows a detailed approach to each piece.

On the page where she divulges her work, Jan says she loves nature and all the cultural heritage of her home country of Ireland. The self-taught artist who lives in Mayo County, in the west of the country, tells us the story behind her sculptural discovery.

One day, after including an avocado in his meal, Jan Campbell noticed the beauty of the fruit's stone. He didn't throw it into composting, but kept it in his jacket pocket. A few days later, when the stone was already dry, the Irish woman noticed that its surface was scratched, probably due to the friction of the car keys. Jan then saw in that material the potential to express his art. He assembled an archaic set of craft tools and began his hobby.

In the works of the artisan we will find the representation of entities such as Diarmuid, a Druid; Bran, a Celtic giant; Macha, guardian of the forest; Síofra, a deity, among many other entities.