Mar 6, 2017

IBM is commercialising quantum computing to solve mind-boggling problems

IBM has revealed its ambitions to bring the power of quantum computing to the business world.


The tech firm is making available its IBM Q quantum systems to firms wanting to analyse and explore data that's too complicated for standard computing.
"Classical computers are extraordinarily powerful and will continue to advance and underpin everything we do in business and society. But there are many problems that will never be penetrated by a classical computer," said senior vice president of IBM Systems Tom Rosamilia.
Future applications of quantum computing could be modelling financial data to better assess risk, optimising logistics and supply chain routes and helping artificial intelligence analyse bigger data sets. IBM is working on delivering superpowerful quantum computing of 50 qubits (quantum bits) via its cloud services in the coming years. IBM's Quantum Lab in New York is already home to a five qubit processor, but today it announced this is now capable of 20 quits. Developers and programmers will now have access to the five quibt processor via a newly released API, while IBM will soon release a software development kit (SDK) with the 20 qubit processor for building simple quantum applications and software programmes.

City A.M.
by Lynsey Barber