Sep 12, 2019

Holidays with technology but time to shut down

Not everyone can afford to make a "digital detox" during the holiday period. But instead of "turning off", you can optimize the use of technology to maximize free time.


Every day there are hundreds of emails, phone calls, text messages, requests for information on instant messaging services and collaboration platforms, with documents to approve, orders to review and proposals to finalize, or performance dashboards that have to be kept under control.

The scenario is common in the daily life of many professionals, but ends up extending to holiday periods, even if in a less intensive model.

It's true that the recommendations for a better rest include leaving everything organized, delegating tasks and going on vacation without worries, disconnecting from the weight of daily tasks and responsibilities, but not everyone can afford to leave the job completely. When there are urgent messages, emails that cannot wait for the end of the holidays and alerts of business indicators that need to be monitored, you can not turn off all the equipment and ignore what is happening in the company.

But that doesn't have to be an unbearable burden, nor does it have to spoil the family holiday. There are ways to manage requests and the time you devote to this "maintenance" of the connection to work, and also to improve the quality of holidays and leisure time, with fewer worries.

Choosing the equipment you take with you on holiday is always the first step (and perhaps one of the most important). But how can you do that?  It's all a question of options and there are increasingly better ways to choose the right equipment:

Computer, smartphone or tablet?

Even if the laptop is very light and thin, it's always an excuse to work harder. Instead of taking all three, choose to apply the same rule as when you're packing for a little getaway on a low-cost flight, travel light.

The smartphone is a key companion and can hardly be dispensed with, but if instead of the laptop you take a tablet you'll feel freer, without losing access to all the essential tools to work with when you need them. And you can also use the excuse to watch your favourite series and read the eBooks you couldn't finish the rest of the year.

If you can't really do without the physical keyboard, you can choose a convertible laptop that "transforms" into a tablet, or a tablet with a keyboard, such as Surface or iPad Pro.

A camera in the body of a smartphone

You'll probably wonder if it's worth taking a camera to take the best photos. A reflex camera takes up a lot of space, especially if you have multiple lenses, and a compact camera, even if small, is always another gadget to put in your luggage. The logical alternative is smartphones, increasingly used for spontaneous photos and videos and for mandatory selfies, with increasingly satisfactory results, especially among high-end or mid-range models of major brands.

In addition to capturing photos and videos at the right time, without much preparation or staging, you can immediately share the result on social networks, or edit and "improve" the final result, adding occasions for relaxation, sea diving and landscapes that make friends jealous.

Connectivity for everyone

Even if you have ensured that your holiday location has good mobile and WiFi coverage, this is the factor you shouldn't neglect, especially if you have pre-adolescent or young adult children. It is worth thinking about bringing a larger-capacity broadband router with a generous data plan so that everyone can watch movies and series without limitations, play or connect to social networks. So you can also put some additional control on the time of use and "turn off" the Internet whenever you want to ensure the rest or moments of real sharing.

Music everywhere

Ensuring the right music, shared by all or listened to individually, must be part of the holiday. Who doesn't remember long car journeys and the associated soundtracks? There are many speakers that you can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and use to enjoy the best music, promoting even the sharing of playlists between family and friends, choosing a DJ for each specific moment. And when you want isolation, headphones with external sound blocking get the pickup to rest, work or think of new projects.