июн 8, 2017

Google Chrome For Android Is About To Get A Major Speed Boost

Last year marked the first we collectively surfed the Internet more on our mobile devices that on our computers. Today, phones and tablets account for roughly 55% of all browsing. As much as companies want us to use their shiny apps, it's our mobile browsers that we depend on most.


Perhaps no one understands that better than Google. They are, after all, handling a huge amount of the traffic that comes from your mobile devices. That's why they're always looking for ways to improve Chrome... and one of those ways is by making it faster.

A whole lot faster. In fact, when your Android device updates Chrome to version 59 in the coming week, Google says that you'll see a speed boost of as much as 20%. That's when all the right conditions are met, but the minimum gain should still be around 10%.

Back in April, Google revealed what's behind Chrome 59's increased speed. It's the result of improvements to the browser's V8 JavaScript engine. JavaScript drives a lot of the advanced functionality you use on the websites you visit, like those Google keyed on for testing: Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia.

Google's release announcement also notes that the updated V8 engine is more efficient. It uses less memory, so Chrome shouldn't get bogged down even when you load JavaScript-heavy pages. That should also mean that the pages your browse will scroll more smoothly and generally "feel" more responsive.

Your Android device should install the update to Chrome 59 automatically. If you'd like to give the process a kickstart, you can always head to the Play Store and hit the "My apps & games" page and see if it's waiting for you.


by Lee Mathews