авг 9, 2019

Flower Island: well of the Ribeira do Ferreiro is part of paradise

Advertising films of a nature destination hardly find a better setting than the Ribeira do Ferreiro Well on the island of Flores. Several threads of water are white lines on the slope of a mountain dozens of meters high and all green. An exuberant green. Unforgettable.


Several waterfalls sprout from the mountain. Some with a plummeting drop of tens of meters and the foam stands out from the black of basalt. In other cases, they are small waterfalls that multiply along the slope.

At the foot of the mountain, a lagoon with transparent water is formed and the environment is very peaceful.

Tall trees, dense vegetation and the lagoon with various colours and reflections.

The pleasure of Nature seduces some birds. It was common to see ducks here and for this reason the place is also known as Lagoa das Patas.

It is an isolated place and when we arrive, suddenly, the scenery of the waterfalls opens, and we are amazed. Says José Eduardo, director of the Natural Park of Flores Island, which "is paradise".

You get to the lagoon and you're overwhelmed by its beauty. A manifestation of green, water and silence... of everything. "If there is no one else and if we abstract ourselves, we think that we are the only ones on the face of the Earth".

Access to paradise begins by the road. Near the bridge of Ribeira do Ferreiro. Then you follow a pedestrian path for 10 to 15 minutes. It's always climbing between trees and streams and we discover the variety of local flora. With many shadows and creeks that go in opposite direction to ours.

The climbing effort is not great, and the prize of the arrival overcomes any inconvenience.

As the mountain is very high the waterfalls can be seen from several places near Fajãzinha and Aldeia da Cuada. However, nothing compares to the pleasure of enjoying the scenery by the lagoon.

Not far away there is another waterfall, about 90 meters high and also forms a lagoon. It's Poço do Bacalhau, near Fajã.

One of the charms and particularities of the island of Flores is the abundance of water. As José Eduardo points out, the island of Flores differs from the rest of the archipelago due to the water. "It is the water island with lagoons, waterfalls and streams. The island also has a very rugged relief. These characteristics provide a unique landscape".

For tours of the island, the best months are the summer months. However, it is in winter that the waterfalls are most exuberant.