авг 29, 2019

First smart city is in Las Vegas and will cost 6.7 billion euros

With construction taking six years, the company is committed to creating 25,000 jobs in order to "raise the quality of work," and offers training programs so that new technology can dominate the construction of the future.


Promises the digital revolution and redefinition of the infrastructure sector. The final promise is the world's first smart city, located in Las Vegas. Construction of Bleutech Park Las Vegas will begin in December and will last six years at an estimated cost of $7.5 billion (€6.8 billion).

The project will be built without the use of energy consumption, and the buildings of the digital city will be automated and multifunctional. The city will rely on renewable energies, in addition to autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence, augmented reality, Internet of Things, robotics and self-healing concrete structures.

Bleutech Park will host several physical spaces, such as commercial spaces, offices, luxury villas, hotels and specific places for entertainment. The city will also introduce a new high-tech biome in the desert valley.

With construction taking six years, the company is committed to creating 25,000 jobs in order to "raise the quality of work", as well as offering training programs so that recent technology dominates the construction of the future. The Bleutech Park project will take a large number of jobs to the Las Vegas plant, contributing to the total number of jobs in the Las Vegas Valley.

In addition to a surprising number of jobs, the company also plans to create affordable housing to meet the housing needs of the local population. To create affordable housing, Bleutech will develop workforce housing, whose only approach is to "serve the housing needs of employed people" in order to make "the community economically viable, such as nurses, police, teachers and firefighters.

"Workforce housing is the foundation of Bleutech Park's vision and commitment to supporting a diverse workforce and ensuring that the economic, cultural and health benefits of the city of Las Vegas accrue to all income levels," the company says.

"This will be a project unlike any other and it's great to see Las Vegas come to the fore. With cutting-edge technology, innovative training methods and exceptional building materials, we hope to provide Bleutech with the skilled workforce needed to achieve the excellence that only this project will provide," says Tommy White, of Las Vegas Laborers Union Local 872.