авг 31, 2016

Experts declare Anthropocene has begun

It means Age of Humans. A scientific working group – at an international meeting of geologists – just recommended including it in the Geologic Time Scale.


Has humanity become so prevalent and powerful on Earth that we're now globally affecting the geologic record, the actual rock record used by geologists to divide the past into named blocks? If the answer is yes, should scientists declare we've entered a new geologic epoch? This week, a group of 35 scientists said, yes, we are globally affecting the rock record and, yes, we should officially consider a new epoch. They would name it the Anthropocene, meaning Age of Humans, a word first introduced by two scientists in the year 2000 that's now gaining wider scientific acceptance. The Anthropocene Work Group reported this conclusion on Monday (August 29, 2016) to the 35th International Geological Congress going on this week in Cape Town, South Africa.

If scientists decide to accept the Anthropocene into the Geologic Time Scale, they'll have to decide when it began. Scientists speak of golden spikes in Earth's sediment layers, events laid down in the rocks that clearly demarcate one geologic epoch from another.

By Deborah Byrd in Earth | Human World