сен 13, 2019

Experiences or Destinations: What is more inert when travelling?

Some people take advantage of the holidays to visit the attractions of their chosen destination. Or are habits changing and there are those who seek a life experience and only then take advantage of it to take a walk?


With so many incredible destinations in the world, it is sometimes difficult to choose the perfect place for your next vacation. However, the destination may no longer be the decisive factor in planning a trip, as almost two thirds of travellers think the experience is more important than the destination.

According to a study conducted by Lonely Planet, which surveyed more than 7500 users from its traveling community around the world, it was found that 95% look at travel as an "opportunity for positive change" in their lives.

In fact, 59% of respondents think that a trip is an opportunity for personal growth, a thought that evolves as they travel more, with seven out of 10 travellers under the age of 35 having that thought.

Another concern of travelers is environmental considerations. Around 68% say they now care more about travel sustainability than before. However, only 35.2% say they take environmental sustainability into account in their travel planning. However, the latter group says they are concerned about not participating in potentially harmful activities involving animals, decreasing their carbon footprint or staying in green housing.