Feb 1, 2016

Exclusive Agent in Kazakhstan

Your VIP Partner is proud to announce its new exclusive representatives for the Republic of Kazakhstan, Gracias Group LLC.


The exclusivity contract between Your VIP Partner's editors – GBC – and Gracias Group was signed last February at the magazine's offices in Cascais, Portugal. Both companies were represented by its presidents, Natallia Catarina for GBC and Galiya Aytuganova for Gracias Group.

Gracias Group LLC is a Kazakhstan-based corporation, which provides services to companies and businesses alike. Gracias Group has been developing businesses for several European companies that desire to enter the Kazakh market, and reach new costumers and connections in the Republic.

With headquarters in Kazakhstan's largest city – Almaty – Gracias Group is now the exclusive representative of Your VIP Partner magazine for the country's market. The company will be in charge of all Your VIP Partner promotion, advertising and commercial representation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Natallia Catarina, President at GBC and Editor-in-Chief for Your VIP Partner magazine, expressed her belief in a profitable and long partnership between both parties. "Kazakhstan will host Expo 2017, dedicated to future energies. Our magazine has been a platform for promotion of groundbreaking energy projects. Also, the privatization plans announced by the Kazakh Government, new investment opportunities in the country and the growth of exports, have called the attention of various clients, who want to know more about what happens in Kazakhstan now and in the future", said Natallia Catarina

In mid-2017 the Kazakh Government plans to expand its privatizations program, receiving increased foreign investment