Jun 18, 2017

Ex-Yahoo CEO Levinsohn says Jeff Bezos is likely eyeing media companies

Levinsohn says he wouldn't be surprised if Amazon makes a big run on acquisition in the media space. He also said no sector is safe from Amazon.


Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods has some asking the question: Who will Amazon acquire next?

"I wouldn't be surprised if we see big acquisitions in media from [Amazon]," said ex-Yahoo Interim CEO Ross Levinsohn told CNBC.

"If you're Jeff Bezos and you just saw a $14 billion purchase just yield a [multi] billion dollar increase in value, you're licking you chops. I think this is the first of many," said Levinsohn.

Amazon has a long history of acquisitions. The company bought Diapers, Zappos, and Twitch in the past. "And they've already made a nice foray into media quietly and I wouldn't be surprised ... you know we're gonna see [them make] a big run on acquisition in the media space, potentially," he said.

Whole Foods isn't the only company the tech giant has been rumored to be interested in. "There was a swerve over the last two days about them buying Slack," said Levinsohn. "They surprised everybody and bought a physical retailer," he said.

Levinsohn says no sector is safe from Amazon. "Are cars off limits to Amazon?," he said. "What if they bought UPS?"


by Chantel McGee