Jun 11, 2019

European Space Agency has also opened its doors to commercial flights

Space and spatial travel have been on the agenda lately. In this way, there seems to be a new will of man in (re) conquering new areas and new exploration points. However, ESA, the European Space Agency, has now embarked on a new philosophy. There is thus another space agency opening the space to third parties with the arrival of commercial flights.

It began the competition for space tourism among the various space operators.


Portugal may have a space port

According to information, support will be prepared for European countries wishing to create their space ports. There are already concrete proposals from the United Kingdom, which wants to create one of these ports in Scotland. Portugal may also be able to apply for this program by the agency Portugal Space.

The program  "Commercial Space Transportation Services and Support " (C-STS) will be presented later this year at the ESA Space 19 + Council meeting. Thus, it is expected to start working and to have the first proposals later, already in 2020.

After NASA's idea of opening private trips to the International Space Station, it is now ESA that opens its doors to European companies. In this way they are able to access infrastructures that have so far been sealed.