Aug 1, 2018

Drink Coffee and Plant the Cup

Drinking coffee, as you know, is a daily gesture done by most of the adults, at least once a day. A small and routine gesture, which contributes greatly to the global waste, and whose effect is harmful to the environment. However, if you had the opportunity to plant the cup with which you drank the coffee, you could make the world a very different place.


The concept is unique in the world and was created by the North-American company, Reduce. Reuse. Grow. – this is the first "plantable" cup of coffee. Conceived from seeds of flowers, desert plants and pine trees, from cultivation fields located in California, United States of America (USA), this coffee cup works in a so simple way that it's even hard to believe. Just go to a cafe that sells these type of cups, drink the coffee, soak the cup in water for five minutes, and plant it in a field of your community, garden or plot, or in an urban space.

The places where the glass can be planted are indicated on a map available in the product. In addition, the address indicated on the container also allows you to monitor the growth of the cup. According with the information provided by the company, 140,000 cups have been planted, so far. If you do not want or can´t plant the cup, you can always dispose of it in the right trash container. It will then go through a process of composting, evolving into a natural material within 180 days, turning into ingredients for other plants.

According with the research carried out by this company, a common plastic cup produces 35 grams of CO2 that go directly into the atmosphere, and remain there for more than five years. This "plantable" cup of coffee, in addition to being greener, reduces waste and benefits the environment, since it grows, at least, one tree in 40 years. If we consider that, just in USA, there are 400 million disposable cups spent per day, we quickly conclude the benefits of a simple daily gesture - the number of trees planted would increase significantly, which would benefit the environment and Mankind.

«We believe in a consumption model that, not only allows us to reduce the environmental footprint, but also, transforms the current consumption model into something more responsible and with a direct impact on the environment», says Alex Henige, the Reduce. Reuse. Grow. founder.

The product, sold in cafes, restaurants, sports stadiums, aeroports, or other places, is also beneficial to these spaces, as consumers are increasingly aware of the good practices of the consumption places. The idea seems excellent, and although it is not yet widely publicized, it has gathered more and more supporters, aware of the importance of creating 100% oil-free products, thus reducing dependence on this good.

Now, the company's goal is to find financial support, having already raised 10,000 USD dollars, through the Kickstarter collective financing site.

A new product that, surely, compels us to think about the amount of garbage that each of us produces daily in small gestures like drinking coffee, and the amount of plastic cups wasted around the world. It is true that, there were already recyclable cups, but we now know that it is possible to go even further to benefit the economy and the environment. If you are a coffee drinker, plant your cup and make this idea grow.