Jun 29, 2019

Coko is a crocodile robot that helps stimulate logical thinking and spatial orientation in children

The didactic toy is intended for children from three years of age and promising to help understand the cause-effect relationships.


Welcome Coko, the new didactic toy of the Clementoni crocodile-shaped robot. This promises and intends to help children from the three to learn the basics of programming and educational robotics in a simple and entertaining way, leading them to understand the cause-effect relationships in the process. But there are other objectives related to the development of children: to stimulate logical thinking and spatial orientation.

The programmable crocodile has a set of special, colorful and interchangeable dorsal scales, and each one corresponds to one instruction. The colored scales contain directions and the children can spread  "Magnetic food " through the room, just give a small blow to the head of the small robot so that it starts its exploration by executing the instructions in sequence.

The goal is for children to create logic reasoning, thinking before putting scales with directions on Coko's back, stimulating spatial orientation. The experience is complete with the sound effects of the little robot whenever it leaves the exploration. The manufacturer mentions that the toy can be programmed to sleep, swim and be frightened.