Out 4, 2016

Bowers & Wilkins celebrates 50 years with P9 Signature headphones

Bowers & Wilkins is ushering in 50 years with new celebratory headphones – and they'll include a Lightning cable, but only from early 2017


Anniversaries are sort of a big deal for Bowers & Wilkins, and it has historically celebrated new milestones with an outlandish, limited edition product normally in the form of a loudspeaker with a price to make your eyes water.

The long-standing high-end British audio company now celebrates its 50th year in existence, but instead of using loudspeakers in place of candles, this time it's launching a brand new set of headphones in the form of the P9 Signature.

The over-ear headphones are the largest pair the company has produced, eclipsing the P7 Wireless I reviewed – and enjoyed – recently. While these might not be the celebratory anniversary loudspeakers many might have expected, that's not to say many loudspeaker principles haven't been applied to the P9 Signature design.

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by Richard Easton