Sep 19, 2016

Beijing-Lisbon flights likely to happen

Chief Executive Chui Sai On, on an official visit to Lisbon, has revealed that direct flights between Beijing and Lisbon will soon be added to airline flight lists.


According to a report by Macao Daily News. During Chui's meeting with approximately 100 Portugese students, the students informed Chui that the biggest difficulty for them when traveling to Portugal stems from the lack of a direct flight between Macau and Lisbon. The Chinese Embassy in Portugal confirmed that Beijing and Lisbon have already discussed having direct flights between both capitals, with the discussion having reached a stage concerning the practicalities. He hopes that flights from Macau to Beijing and then from Beijing to Lisbon may be organized within a short timeframe.

CO2 leaks at UM lab

A CO2 leakage incident reportedly took place at one of the laboratories of the University of Macau early morning yesterday. According to a report by TDM, the leakage occurred in a cell culture lab. The school's security stated that the accident occured when a pipe belonging to one experimental machine, which supplies CO2, became loose. The Fire Services Bureau reported that the room had low levels of oxygen, and that the machine was fixed. Nobody was injured.

September 16, 2016