Jul 15, 2019

Augmented reality App spreads viral sculptures by Lisbon

The new project of the artist Leonel Moura combines art with new technologies, materialized in sculptures with forms of viruses conceived through an algorithm.


The Portuguese technology NextReality has developed an augmented reality application for the new project of the artist Leonel Moura. In this exhibition, 17 sculptures of augmented reality are scattered throughout the area of greater Lisbon, with forms of viruses or small organisms, conceived through an algorithm specially developed for this initiative.

The project aims to combine art with new technologies. With the installation of the Lisbon Viral application, the user can see animations in augmented reality of the sculptures present in emblematic places, such as the Torre de Belém, the Praça do Comércio, the Cais do Sodré, the Boca do Inferno (Cascais), the Palácio de Sintra , Cabo Espichel (Sesimbra), Palácio de Mafra, among others.

To see the augmented reality animations, simply go to the site of the premises and look for the sculptures, which are only visible through the camera of the mobile equipment.

The exhibition of augmented reality has the support of Turismo de Lisboa and will be available during 2019. The app is available free of charge for iOS or Android devices in their app stores.