Aug 28, 2019

At 86, Joan Collins is the (incredible) star of a new makeup campaign...

Goodbye, old patterns of beauty.


Every day the world gives us one more sign that we live an unregulated reality. And one that will not come back possible. The latest novelty to challenge the social norms of Beauty is the new campaign of Charlotte Tilbury, where Joan Collins appears as the unexpected and brilliant choice for protagonist. At the age of 86, the English actress and writer has not lost a pinch of her attributes, and after having been a face for Kurt Geiger last year, she has now accepted this new challenge.

The campaign refers to Tilbury's new product, the no less special Airbrush Flawless Foundation, a new foundation that appears in 44 tones and with exceptional ingredients for a hydrated skin and young appearance (no wonder Collins is a fan). Joan Collins appears on the campaign of this new Beauty sweetheart next to names such as Miss Fame, Rupaul's Drag Race, activist Em Ford and model Chey Maya Carty.

"Whoever they are, a Hollywood actress, a red carpet superstar, a doctor, journalist, CEO or a working mother, like me, everybody from 18 to 80 years old wants a base that adapts to the kind and tone of its natural skin, but also that transforms its unique skin problems", said the beauty mogul about the new Airbrush Flawless Foundation formula, "Flawless is a feeling", concluded Charlotte Tilbury. And we signed underneath.