сен 10, 2019

Apple has changed its autonomous car and images have already appeared showing it.

Like many other companies, Apple has also shown interest in new technologies applied in the automotive industry. This theme has mainly brought many rumors and many theories about what the Cupertino company has in preparation.


After the phase in which it was certain that would be prepared an autonomous car, everything now appreciates more logical. Apple has in development a solution, but that will not be for your possible car. This has now reached a new level and the first images of a radical change have appeared.

Apple has news in your car

It's almost certain that Apple will be preparing a solution to create a stand-alone vehicle. This will not be for use in cars of the brand, but to make it available to other manufacturers, who will integrate them into their solutions.

The brand's test cars are already on the roads in the US, with sensors mounted and in order to collect information.

If until now these were scattered, everything seems to have changed with a new proposal. This was seen driving on California's roads in the brand's cars.

New images of the autonomous system

Apple's original solution for its standalone system was based on 3 base components. We're talking about LiDAR, radar and cameras.

Being the first one a very expensive component to produce, Apple has certainly looked for a way to replace it. Whether for similar but smaller systems, or for alternatives based on cameras only. The latter was surprisingly the solution chosen by Tesla.

This new proposal, which can also be seen in the video below, shows a radical change. It is smaller, simpler to assemble and even easier to use. What is not clear is which of the systems was eventually chosen.

What is the brand preparing?

This is the third design change that Apple applies to their cars. The first one was the most rudimentary of all, bringing too much extra weight. In the second approach the brand decided to put all the sensors on the roof of the car in a more discreet, more functional and more efficient way.

It's still too early to know for sure what Apple is working on. Above all, it's certain to be a stand-alone driving system, but it's still unclear where and how it's going to be used.

Are we talking about branded cars, a partnership or simply a product that will be sold to other brands? The answer will come eventually one day, hopefully!