Jun 22, 2018

A brilliant ball for the World Cup

A local factory in Saransk produced 11 stone encrusted balls as luxury souvenirs of Russia's 2018 World Cup


The city of Saransk, located in the capital of the Russian state of Mordovia, which has hosted four World Cup group matches, is on sale at one of the souvenir shops scattered throughout the town for an unusual purpose. It is made of metal by electroforming, polished, covered with nickel and decorated with ten thousand Swarovski crystals. This magnificent piece is worth almost $ 2,000. The ball attracts the attention of the visitors. However, according to the sellers, so far no one has expressed the desire to buy it.

According to saleswoman Tatyana Kuznetsova, all the reaction of the public that visits the store is positive, because they observe the ball with admiration and pleasure, but until now no one has dared to buy the beautiful object, just photograph it.

In total, 11 of these balls were created by professionals from one of Saransk's factories. The first was bought by a local football team. According to the manager of the souvenir shop, if some of the balls are not sold, he will place them in the city museum as works that have as reference the World Cup.