апр 10, 2017

7 sky events including the pink moon and Lyrid meteor shower that you do not want to miss this month

April is a magical month in terms of sky-watching with incredible events this year including a tiny pink moon, planets moving into view and even a meteor shower.


In fact in the next two weeks there are a total of seven incredible events that you won't want to miss.

We have compiled this handy sky guide including dates, times and details of everything due to happen overhead during April – so grab a blanket and a flask of tea and head outside.

1. April 10 - The moon can be seen next to Jupiter

2. April 11 - The Pink Moon

3. April 16 - The moon passes close to Saturn

4. April 21 - Mars comes closer to star cluster Pleiades

5. April 22 - The Lyrid meteor shower will be visible

6. April 23 - Venus appears close to the moon

7. April 28 - A rare lunar occulation


by HannahCL