Love and Dopamine

Love and Dopamine

23 January, 2016

When a person is in love, he/she is under the influence of dopamine, making people feel happy. The same way our brain reacts only on cocaine. 

ow much sleep do you need

How much sleep do you need?

22 January, 2016

The teenagers need the same time for sleeping as small children – around 10 hours, while people over 65 need only 6 hours. Middle age people of 25-55 are fine sleeping for 8 hours.

brain sleeping

Brain sleeping

22 January, 2016

If you are capable to instil yourself that you have slept enough, your brain will believe it! To our brain, there is no difference at all between the real world and the imaginary one. If you slept for...

Reading speed

Reading speed

21 January, 2016

People read from a monitor approximately 25% more slowly than from paper pages. 

  • stress

    Stress is contagious

    21 January, 2016

    Stress is contagious.

    If you socialize with depressive people, soon you'll become one of them. Regardless the situations happen in your own life.



    20 January, 2016

    All that we call suede actually is velour. The real suede is made only of deer skins and costs и стоит unbelievable money.

    foreign language

    Foreign language

    20 January, 2016

    Your decisions will be more rational if you think in a foreign language.

    The research of the Chicago University has proved it. When people think about what decision to take in a foreign language,...

    sense of humor

    Sense of humor

    19 January, 2016

    From the point of view of evolution, sense of humor is the result of sexual selection, since it is a sign of the high level of intellect and creativity of an individual.

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