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Nov 1, 2016


Does not fall and it doesn't need helmet, so it is the BMW Vision Next 100 - the motorcycle of the future, launched last October, in the United States city of Los Angeles, under the celebration of BMW 100th anniversary.


«The vehicle will be so safe that can not fall, and accidents will be a thing of the past», the guarantee is given by Edgar Heinrich, Head of BMW Design. Apparently, the BMW Vision Next 100 protects the driver, by avoiding accidents and frees him from the need to wear a helmet.

According with the prototype, the motorcycle includes an automatic self-balancing system that maintains it in a vertical position, automatically adjusting angles. To guide the bike, the driver moves the steering wheel, which, rather than move the front wheel only, move the entire vehicle frame. This system in conjunction with the stabilization system ensures that the motorcycle and the driver will not fall out.

In addition, is electric, doesn´t pollute and doesn´t require helmet. It also includes enhanced reality glasses that help to guide the rider. The information is sent to the display to assist the driver to select the best route. «We deduce that, in the future there will be no helmets, as we develop smart eyewear we call visor, which protects from the wind and the environment, and provide information to the rider», explains Edgar.

The suspension is provided by the tires whose variable shooting band adjusts to different soil conditions. The cables and the buttons were kept to a minimum, except for a red switch located on the right side of the steering wheel.

The surface of the frame is covered by matt black material, while the body elements such as the seat, the cover of the upper frame and the wings are made of carbon fiber. While driving, the BMW logo is illuminated in blue and white colors and red strips under the seat form the light and the rear indicators.

The brand also created exclusive clothing for the rider and passenger that heats and cools according with the outside temperature.

The design of this moto is essentially based on the BMW R32 model, from 1923. The triangular frame of the R32 was reinterpreted, bearings and joints were hidden to excel the frame.

For now, it is a prototype of a visionary model in BMW Motorcycle design, and one of the vehicles made by BMW to mark the 100th anniversary.

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