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Dec 31, 2015

Your Private Concierge

Based in Paris, LUXUS Business Agency delivers a service like no other. It's a unique and exclusive team, focused on providing the best on various areas ranging from transportation and real estate to travel and health care – in which the agency has specialized itself with great success.

Luxus Business Agency is a "conciergerie privée", based in Paris, France, providing tailor-made solutions for its clients with a special focus on management and monitoring of health care services. When a client is in need of specialty consultation or treatments, the agency takes care of all details, for either the patient or the accompanying family.

When you ask for LUXUS services, the agency starts by arranging the secure transfer of confidential information, so medical specialists can analyze and direct the patient to the most appropriate physician in order for a diagnosis to be made. An appointment with the medical expert is then set up, under privileged and confidential conditions.

After the consultation, LUXUS offers support and advices in order to assist you in making the best decision and applying the chosen medical care.

To allow more personalized service, LUXUS takes care of all details, including your trip to France, hotel, doctors, clinical services, exams, security, translators, tranfers and your return home.

All medical specialities are overseen by the agency's Medical Services Expert, Professor Eric Roulot (please see biography for credits). This way all medical services are guaranteed to be the best available, providing LUXUS clients with the best medical treatment in France.

Medical's fees, complementary exams, hospital charges will be defined by the practioner and will be paid to him directly and to the medical establishment without any intervention or payment to the LUXUS Business Agency. LUXUS aims to be an unbiaised consultant who will not be influenced by financial gain (either for a part or for the whole medical care). LUXUS will only be entrusted with invoicing procedures linked to its hosting services.

Presently, LUXUS Agency offers medical specialities on areas like cardiology, rheumatology, dermatology, gynecology, neurology, endocrinology (diabetes, nutrition), pneumology (allergology), hepatology, gastroenterology (proctology), immunology, internal medicine, infectious diseases (parasitology), hypnosis, cosmetic and esthetics (face, figure).

Also available are surgical specialities including orthopedic surgery, traumatology (upper limb, lower limb), arthroscopy, microsurgery, digestive surgery, laparoscopy and endoscopy, bariatric surgery, cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and maxillofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery, breast surgery, ophtalmic surgery (laser, cataract and refractive surgery, myopia, farsightedness), otorhinolaryngology, endocrine surgery, oral surgery (dental and periodontal), implant surgery, neurosurgery and dermatological surgery.

Bio - Professor Eric Roulot
Associate Professor at the College of Medicine at Hospitals of Paris
Member of the College of Teachers in Hand Surgery and Upper Limb
Member of the French Society for Surgery of the Hand and Upper Limb
Responsible surgeon and member of the League of rheumatic diseases of the Hand (URAM)
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon
Microsurgery and arthroscopic surgery of the Hand and Upper Limb
Former Intern of Hospitals In Paris
Former Clinical Director in Paris Medical School
Premier Assistant at Lariboisière Hospital and Ambroise Pare (Paris)

Bio - Artiom Davtyan is the CEO of LUXUS Agency Paris. Speaking seven different languages, Artiom has dedicated himself to trading food products between Portugal and France, two markets he knows very well. At LUXUS he manages the agency's operations, the Business Tourism and Real Estate & Investments areas of the company.

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