Aug 1, 2015

Your car key on your smartphone

Valeo presented the future of car keys with the new InBlue, the first smartphone and smartwatch-compatible smart key, which will probably become a standard on vehicles in the near future.


Valeo has extended the capabilities of its passive entry systems to integrate new uses and behaviors related to the Internet of Things, typified by such devices as smartphones and smartwatches. In a world first, it is launching a smartwatch system that allows drivers to lock and unlock their vehicles. Once inside the car, the driver's smartphone is detected, allowing him or her to start the vehicle. The smartphone-compatible InBlue system also enables car sharing, remote parking and access to such vehicle data as tire pressure, fuel level and last location parked. 

With this innovation, Valeo demonstrates its expertise as an integrator. The InBlue demonstration was developed in collaboration with Safran Morpho, one of the world leaders in electronic security, and Vulog, a recognized expert in car sharing solutions. It is part of the European Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure (DEWI) project. 

The first vehicle equipped with Valeo InBlue technology could reach the market in 2016. 

What is it?

InBlue is a new generation passive entry and start system that uses Bluetooth® Smart technology. It is very easy to install. The smartphone communicates with the vehicle using a virtual key stored in the phone via the secure InBlue platform, offering security on a level with mobile payment systems. 

With InBlue, drivers can leave the car keys in their pockets or even at home and use their smartphones or smartwatches to unlock, lock and start the vehicle instead. The functionalities offered by the system are wide ranging, as InBlue allows the synchronization of data between the car and the smartphone. As a result, drivers can check vehicle readings such as tire pressure and fuel level remotely and get a host of information, including distance to the next service station and last location parked. 

This data is regularly backed up in the smartphone, making it available at any time, no matter how far the driver may be from the vehicle. 

At present, a great deal of forward planning is involved in lending a car or asking someone else to pick it up on the other side of town. With InBlue, there is no longer any need to find a hiding place for the key or hand over a copy. Instead, motorists will be able to transmit the key remotely at any time, wherever they may be. All they need to do is send a digital key to the person who will borrow the car using a smartphone. The person receiving the virtual key will be authorized to use his or her smartphone to unlock, lock and start the vehicle. 

The motorist can send the key permanently or temporarily to anyone who might use the car.

This is a major advance, notably for automotive dealers, car rental companies and fleet managers, who will be able to take advantage of InBlue's features to simplify a number of processes, including fleet key management. 

Contacts: Valeo - 43 Rue Bayen, 75017 Paris – – phone +33 1 40 55 20 20

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