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Nov 30, 2015

You are the star

Star Diamond was started in 1948 by four close friends and brothers-in-law as Europe was rebuilding itself after the devastation of World War Two. After fleeing their hometown of Antwerp as war broke out, David Klagsbrun settled in Cuba while Leon Fiszman, Sali Klagsbrun, Saul Hirschel settled in London, finding jobs in the diamond industry in which they had previously worked. They developed a reputation for exceptional skill in identifying, cutting and polishing diamonds. 


Over the course of two generations and six decades, thanks to a combination of charismatic personalities, powerful partnerships and a passion for diamonds, Star Diamond has spread its influence across the global diamond industry, like the points of a star.

From the moment Star Diamond opened the doors to its discreet and relaxed appointment only gallery in London's Mayfair in 2014, it set out to change the experience of buying luxury jewelry and loose diamonds. Thanks to the longstanding relationships enjoyed by Star Diamond for over six decades with the world's most influential suppliers of diamonds, the company is able to offer its clients unparalleled access to the world's diamonds, while passing on unparalleled value.

The approach has proved to be a success. Acting as a trusted voice, Star Diamond Private Jeweler's founders Philippe Roth and Andre Abadjian and their team regularly serve gem connoisseurs, jeweler aficcionados, engaged couples, and increasingly, individuals who are opting to invest in diamonds, often going to extraordinary lengths to fulfil their clients' requests. 


Every jewel at Star Diamond is a modern heritage piece, a collectible designed to endure the test of time. From initial designs to the final finishing touches, each jewel has been created by a coterie of handpicked designers, Parisian diamond setters and goldsmiths, each bringing decades of experience. Individual pieces, even bridal designs, seamlessly blend white and colored diamonds together, a rare combination. 

Star Diamond's long history has resulted in longstanding, valued relationships with the industry's most skillful craftspeople. These artisans work for months on each specialized piece, creating jewels that allow Star Diamond's exceptional diamonds to shine.

In many pieces, including in the vibrantly colorful Giverny bracelet made of 259 yellow, pink and green diamonds, precious metal settings are virtually invisible. Bracelets and necklaces are astonishingly fluid and flexible, making them all the more comfortable for the person wearing them.

Each part of a Star Diamond jewel is meant to be displayed. Clasps are transformed into pieces of particular beauty. In the Constellation pendant necklace, the clasp is hidden behind a pear shaped fancy yellow diamond. Like many other Star Diamond jewels, it is also versatile; the pendant can be removed, leaving the wearer with a classic diamond necklace. The Universe necklace is another such piece, designed from the outset to be worn two ways, each making its own dazzling and unique statement.


Star Diamond prides itself on what it likes to call The Art of Choice - giving clients access to a rich selection of loose diamond styles, shapes and sizes along with a bespoke design service that allows clients to participate in creating the jewel of their dreams, a piece that is theirs alone, whether it be conservative or cutting-edge. The private and personalized service of commissioning a bespoke jewel at Star Diamond gives clients access to world-class design talent along with diamonds and gemstones of the highest calibre.

Each jewel is an opportunity for a client to express their individuality. Star Diamond's dedicated team then collaborates closely with the client, meeting either in person at the showroom, over the phone or at the location of the client's choice. Each detail is customized to bring life to the client's ideas and inspiration in order to make the jewel of their dreams a very precious reality.

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